Joining Process

  1. Contact the club via email using the "CONTACT US" feature at the bottom of this page , attend one of our monthly meetings (2nd Wednesday of each month [except January] Boulcott's Farm Heritage Golf Club, 33 Military Rd, Boulcott, Lower Hutt ) or simply start at step 2.
  2. Attend your first trip with the club. This must be a “Family Shiny” grade trip and you will need to book with the trip leader whose details appear on the website in order to obtain details such as time, place, cost etc. Please advise them that this is your first trip so they can make sure to look out for you when you arrive at the meeting point. A list of trips appears in the “Trips" section of this site.
  3. Obtain a membership application form from the Trip Leader on your first trip, from the Help desk or download from the "Application form" page and ensure that a record of the trips you attend is completed on the form at the end of each trip.
  4. Participate in a further two “Family Shiny” graded trips. One of these may be the compulsory “Training Day for Prospective Members” but you may participate in any number of these trips before you become a member.
  5. Attend a club “Training Day for Prospective Members.
  6. Obtain and fit (or have fitted) all required safety equipment to your vehicle (see “Vehicle Requirements section”).
  7. Have your vehicle inspected by a club vehicle inspector and signed off as being compliant with club requirements (free service).
  8. Submit the completed Membership Application form to the club as per the instructions on the form.
  9. Have your application approved by the Club committee.
  10. Receive confirmation that your application has been accepted. This will include an invoice for the balance of the annual Membership Fee (prorated during the year) which will require payment before full membership is confirmed