CCVC 50th Anniversary Book

Available for pre-order

The club is publishing a book on its history as part of its 50th Anniversary Celebrations

Members of the public will shortly be able to pre order copies of the book from the clubs online store.

Title:  50 years of Friendship, fun and four wheel driving.

A5 size, 250 plus pages of which 20 plus are full coloured.

The book covers 50 years of CCVC trips and charity work.  It has a brief histories of Odlins Road, Rallywoods and the Deadwood Safari. It includes a list of current club members as well as all Club award winners and Committee members since the beginning of the club. (Where there are records).

Cost $20 plus postage and packaging.

CCVC Members please note: All members will receive a copy of the book however please use this page to order additional copies.

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