Club Membership is open to anyone with an interest in 4WD activities.  You simply need to complete a membership application form and participate in three introductory trips.  Obviously a suitable 4WD vehicle is a prerequisite to doing these 4WD trips.

The Club has specified vehicle standards and training days, but these can be achieved either before joining or after joining.  But they are necessary to participate as a Club Member in trips rated "Shiny 4x4" and above.

There is a joining fee of $50 which can be paid on joining or at training day if not already a member

The annual subscriptions as at 2018 is $85.00.

When joining the club during the financial year the fees payable are apportioned depending on the actual date of joining. The amounts payable are specified on the Membership Application form.

Apportioned fees 2018:

June - September $85.00
October - January $60.00
February - May $45.00

Note: The New Zealand Four Wheel Drive Association membership of $30.00 is not apportioned and is included in the above amounts.

Once you have completed your application, the form needs to be posted on e-mailed to the membership officer (details are ion the form).

Your subscription (and any joining fee) will be invoiced by e-mail once the Committee has approved your membership.  You can pay the invoice on-line through Pay-Pal as shown on the invoice.  Payment will then complete your Membership process and give full asccess to the web site.

On going annual subscriptions will be automatically invoiced by e-mail to members each year and payment can be made by Pay-Pal using a Credit Card or by other means as agreed with the Treasurer.

Annual subscriptions are due by 31 July each year. Failure to renew results in cancellation of membership.