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Name: Template for Trips - Wed 31/07/2019
Organiser: -tba-
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Dates: dd/mm/yyyyhh:mm(24hrs)

Fuel (for kms)    Trip fee ($)
Weather Restrictions: Possible vehicle damage expected on trip:
-tba- No damage likely
Dry day only Some bush marks possible
Light rain/wind OK Heavy bush marks & scratches expected
Rain, hail or snow "We go" Some damage to sills & corners possible
Subject to landowners discretion Body damage from rocky/dirt banks expected
Trip suitable for: Dry Wet Pets:Food:
Novice drivers BYO Food
Average drivers BYO Drinks
Experienced Drivers BBQ Provided
BBQ Food Provided
Vehicle requirements: Track type: Mostly Some Optional
Tow hooks front and rear Gravel
Recovery strop, shovel Beach or sand
First aid kit, fire extinguisher Dirt roads and tracks
Roll bar/cage for all soft/open tops Clay or mud
Low ratio gearbox Rocky or river boulders
Club radio preferred Creeks, small rivers
PRS radio preferred Deep rivers, water holes
Club radio required Deep mud holes
PRS radio required Average ascents/descents
Club radio or PRS required Steep ascents/descents
Roll bar/cage recommended all vehicles
Any tyres suitable
Mud tyres preferable
Good mud tyres essential
Winch preferred
Winch required
Extra recovery gear an advantage
Notes for summary:
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